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HitechPro will and has been always implementing its solutions using micorservices architecture. Notably, tech giants like Google, Walmart, and Amazon using it has grabbed the attention of masses who look forward to revolutionizing their business processes with a modular approach.

Section Item 1.1-0 Look at the Step by Step Implementation Model

Stage 1: Focusing on Agility and Responsiveness:


To understand better how the model works, your company needs to work in an environment with fluctuating demand of resources, so it will be a good idea to develop a resource utilization method similar to stepping stones where the resources such as servers are generated in small steps as per demand.

Stage 2: Managing Security and Individual Source Code Maturity:


The replaceability of individual applications and independent manageability are the two most substantial requirements for a business willing to use a microservices architecture. Still, they shall not overcompensate the security of the business processes

Stage 3: Ensure Long Term Scalability of Operations on Both Solution-Specific and System-Oriented Goals:


The cost of rework post-implementation is very high, and therefore, the system design shall keep in account the future volumes. A lot of businesses have experienced time and again in many other cases. The scope of business in terms of revenue and amount of the resources required to execute the functions with value additions needed in the future is to be considered so that the end result produced is compatible with changes with minimum friction.

Section Item 1.2 -Balancing the Services as a Group and Keeping Them Intact as Individual Solutions

The entire development team is formed by developing small services that are focused on providing a solution independently. The solution shall be bounded by a single service and produce a single output. Also, the API design is done in such a manner that the collective data exposure from one service to another service is done seamlessly.

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Section Item 1.3 Holistic Approaches to the Deployment of the Entire System as per the Business Objectives

Three approaches are widely used for the implementation process. The first one developed by Martin Flower is known as the strangler method (also called the Ice Cream Scoop Strategy).

The strangler method:

It is a highly effective approach for transitioning to microservices infrastructure in the business of any nature provided that they can slog for more extended periods.

The Lego strategy:

The Lego strategy is also one of the most attractive ones for the organizations which plan to transform partially who want to keep the monolith structure intact for some of the parts and use the microservices architecture for other applications.

Thde smart strategy:

Using it for newer features is a smart strategy as it is not financially beneficial to entirely scrap the existing system as it shall be technically relevant. This will reduce the cost initially, but the APIs need to be developed as per the existing monolith’s shortcomings adding to the tech debt.

Section Item 1.4 Migration and Streamlining the Transformation Process

The approach of leadership in the entire implementation process, along with the culture within the company, plays a pivotal role, and it also happens to be one of the intricate parameters which are nebulous in all the cases. This has to be managed by using an adaptive approach and competency-oriented management. Also, the enterprises shall consider the market’s volatility that pushes for frequent changes as a part of the culture within the organization.

Installation of Mobile/web apps

Depending on the product developed, this could be a mobile or web application project, our team will never ever leave you hanging without installation of their software or mobile app to play stores or to any related environment.

Section Item 2.1-Mobile Applications

Once the mobile app is ready for deployment, We will ensure that the app is installed in either Google play store or Apple play store successfully and ensure that it is indexible using our highest technology.

Section Item 2.2-Web Applications

Our team will help you or do the following on your servers for a smooth installation of the web application or a software.

On Windows
Enter the following series of commands:
set JAVA_HOME=Path to JDK
cd ApplicationDeploymentDirectory
where ApplicationDeploymentDirectory is the directory where your application server is deployed. For example, for a Tomcat installation, change directory to c:\tomcat-3.2.3\webapps.
mkdir idm (or any other directory name)
cd idm
set WSHOME=ApplicationDeploymentDirectory\idm
jar –xvf %CDPATH%\idm.war
Enter the following series of commands:
cd $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps
cd ApplicationDeploymentDirectory
where ApplicationDeploymentDirectory is the directory where your application server is deployed. For example, for a Tomcat installation, change directory to c:\tomcat-3.2.3\webapps. mkdir idm (or any other directory name)
cd idm
WSHOME=ApplicationDeploymentDirectory/idm;export WSHOME
jar –xvf /cdrom/cdrom0/idm.war


API(Application Programming Interface) is a set of instructions, standards or requirements that enables a software or app employ features/services of another app, platform or device for better services. ... Because of these factors, both app developers and business leaders focus on API development

Section Item 3.1-Importance of APIs in Web development

Web Developers:
Web APIs allow advanced functionality and features to be integrated into the websites that they create. There is also greater customization and flexibility with Web APIs than standard "copy and paste" widgets.

End Users:
A good Web API can help increase the usefulness of a website and make the site interactive and more enjoyable.

API Providers:
A well built API that is widely used by the web development community can be a powerful marketing tool because it can:
  • Help build brand loyalty
  • Increase interest in the company's products and services
  • Increase website traffic
  • Provide useful tools to consumers
  • Convey company messaging.

Section Item 3.2-Why Your Application Needs a Mobile App API: Benefits

In recent years, mobile app development has undergone a profound change. Now, mobile apps are no longer just a software package with limited functionality, but complex and fast-performing solutions responding to users’ social preferences, geo-location, and usage history. Such advancement is possible due to the use of mobile app APIs.


Today, mobile app integration provides you with innovative ways to work effectively and gives you the option of utilizing your complete infrastructure behind your applications. Thus, you can have a robust and convenient service framework and easy to use user interface.

Section Item 4.1-Application integration

Application integration is the process of enabling independently designed applications to work together. Commonly required capabilities include:

  • Keeping separate copies of data (in independently designed applications) consistent
  • Orchestrating the integrated flow of multiple activities performed by disparate applications
  • Providing access to data and functionality from independently designed applications through what appears to be a single user interface or application service

Section Item 4.2-Web services

Mobile web services enable the user to take advantage of wireless applications, such as mobile messaging, location-based services and user authentication, from any type of device.
This can be achieved by using an XML-based web services architecture, allowing developers to build , innovative services across both fixed and wireless networks. Microsoft and Vodafone hope to encourage developers by providing the commercial opportunity and framework to allow them to build these convergent services.
At HitechPro, we are building/using services from REST API calls , REST webservices and Soap webservice calls.


Utility programs, commonly referred to as just "utilities," are software programs that add functionality to your computer or help your computer perform better. These include antivirus, backup, disk repair, file management, security, and networking programs. Utilities can also be applications such as screensavers, font and icon tools, and desktop enhancements.

Section Item 5.1-On Demand Utility Application Solutions

We bring the leading on demand utility service application development because we understand that your business needs to respond instantly to your customers. Our scalable and innovative mobility services help startups and enterprises to deliver unique services to their customers. We offer a diverse range of utility applications.


Having more than .. projects to our name, we know exactly what to deliver and to whom. Our team consists of professionals who leave no stone unturned to satisfy your taste buds for getting exquisite designs for web and mobile app development. We are pro at open source language and advanced software resulting in quality services to our clients.

Section Item 6.1-Why Us

  • We’ve “BEEN THERE” and “DONE THAT”
  • 60+ % of our new projects come from our customers recommendations
  • We Believe In Building Long Term Win-Win Relationship
  • We specialize in web application solutions and give it out atmost experiences

Section Item 6.2-What we have skipped

  • Compromise on quality
  • Using unethical shortcuts
  • Not have open communication channels
  • Using unsatisfactory and ineffective technologies
  • Not delivering projects on time or going way over the budget
  • Forgetting slip ups and not learning from them


Simple but thorough, we follow a unique, proven approach to ensure that all of our projects are of the highest quality. Based on your needs, our designers, coders and project managers will take you from a raw idea to delivering excellent solution

Section Item 7.1-Reasons Why Top Brands Choose Us!

  • We focus on how it willprofit your business
  • We Listen & Then Interpret
  • We Follow Proven Processes
  • We are aces of the app development industry
  • We DeliverOn time On Budget
  • We are alwaysavailable for you

Section Item 7.2-What we do BEST

  • Custom Web Applications
  • Ecommerce / mcommerce Solutions
  • Mobile App Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • UI/UX Development
  • Marketplace Management


The following cornerstone resources are essential tools that our developers use day in and day.

Section Item 8.1-Web

Java, Python , PHP , Angular , JavaScript , C# , SQL , Swift , JQuery , HTML 5, CSS , Bootstrap.
At HitechPro, we use and advise which language/framework to use either at back-end and/or front-end development.No waries.

Section Item 8.2-Mobile

Mobile Development Tools are software designed to assist in the creation of mobile applications. This can be accomplished in multiple ways, for example, there are native mobile development tools, but also cross-platform mobile development tools. Developers can choose between different approaches to cross-platform app development, including hybrid mobile app development and rapid mobile app development (RMAD), or ‘codeless’ mobile app development. Low-code or no-code tools may appeal to organisations that don’t have the in-house knowledge and/or can’t afford to hire developers; however, the setback with these options is that they don’t allow for as much control or customisation.

  • iOS (Objective-C or Swift)
  • Android (Java or Kotlin)
  • Windows Phone (C#)


Below are some Questions and answers to them

Section Item 9.1-Mobile Applications

How long does it take to complete a mobile app project

The duration of any app will depend on the features of the app, but on average it takes less than 28 days to complete the application and deployment to Play stores(Apple play store & Google play store).

Is support or maintenance included in the package of development of the app

No, support and maintenance is not included. However after development of the app, we will maintain the app for a period of 2 months freely and ensure that no technical issues involved. At the end of this period, if the client requires us to support and maintenain the app more than the 2 months, then we will charge the fee based on discussions between the client and HitechPro.

Can I get a discount if i need a mobile app and web app for my business?

Yes, HitechPro accredits business relationships with its conterparts.

I have an idea of an app, what next?

Kindly call us to discuss your idea or send an online contact form here, and one of our Mobile developers will call you to discuss further.

Section Item 9.2 Web Applications

What development tools does HitechPro developer use

  • GitHub to work together with a team on a particular project.
  • CodeKit to minify, combine, and syntax-check in JavaScript.
  • CodePen to deploy a website and build test cases.
  • Grunt for automating repetitive tasks.

I need a web app, what should i do?

Kindly request a quote using this link and then, one of our kind developers will call you to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Section Item 9.3 Support and Maintenance of Apps

I need HitechPro to support my systems

Kindly complete the online form here and one of our kind developers will call you to discuss more about your systems and what to support.

What is the difference between web app and mobile app ?

A web app is an application that performs specific services to end users and is intended to run on http endpoints whereas a mobile app is an application of specific funtions that runs on mobile devices search us android, iPhone and windows.